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So, talking

So, talkingIn relationships with women Fedor extremely prudent. He never re erably tie the knot until it is satisfied that the right has made his choice and further family life will be long and happy. He is indifferent to refers to women who are accustomed to ardent declaration set bowed Cove. Married, Fedor almost never be unfaithful. Mother-in-law treats him with respect and always listens to his opinion.

Holiday: January 9, July 25, December


Eduard name of Germanic origin. Literally translated, it means "caring schiysya of property. Читать полностью -->

The fact that it is flat

The fact that it is flat In addition, the child's foot to -year-olds seem flat because that recess vault filled soft fat pad, which masks the correct bone basis.

The fact that it is flat imaginary, we can see a simple way: put're barefoot child on a table or on the floor and try to put a finger under his foot on the inside.

Free incoming finger convince you, that bone structure is separated from the solid surface of the table or floor layer of fat.

Deviation heels outwards But if looking at the back of the child, have you noticed that his heel deflection Nena outward from the longitudinal axis of the tibia, or your kid wears their first shoes "wringing" backdrops and erasing on the inside of the soles or heels - this is quite a serious reason for the Treatment of a orthopedist.

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"Airplane" Child

"Airplane" Child Child turns up his hands up, rising on his toes, as if ripping off high tree hanging apples.

"Wheel" Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, arms down.

Do circular motion straight arms forward and up and back.

"Airplane" Child standing with your feet shoulder width apart.

Raises his arms to the side and tilt Applying torso to the right and left, making great Mahi hands .

"Grow big" &: " "Airplane" "Flight like a bird" Kid walks around the room with his hands in the hand and waving them like a bird, waving "wings".

"Bang the Drum" Child walks around the room, making the bent arms movement of commuting drumming.

"Sweep the floor" Child attends, leaning forward slightly, hands and makes the motion of imitating sweeping the floor.

"The locomotive" Kid walks around the room, making alternating movement bent arms back and forth and saying, "chug-chug-chug!".

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After the second

After the second Degree of improvement is expressed more clearly than fully compensates child hemodynamics and gas exchange (primarily oxygen exchange) due to defect.

Comes the second phase - the phase of relative compensation.

After the second phase will inevitably be the third phase - terminal.

It is caused by the depletion of the body's compensatory mechanisms and the development of dystrophic and degenerative changes (irreversible) in the cardiac muscle and parenchymal organs (liver, kidney, brain).

The main clinical manifestations of CHD: n of a s w e n n a i y t o m i l e m o s t v (y d e t e d g r a n y o d o in o r a s s t a p r o l i I e t i n and p with on with a n and g p y and d - B s t r a s th t about to and z about t n p and e and m n and n, and n and p and g r e); b l e d n o s t s o f a n ? n s about to about to about p in n and p ead of a and x b e h and n and n o h and (b l e a n e s ead on to u) l and in s p a n s w e s th and n and n o h (with and w u s n o s t s) to F o n s o n x to p on in about a p r and ead of a and x with and n and n o s o m; of Keldysh to a, y c and l and u and u and I I n and p f and h and h e s a n d o p y and z is given by e (with on with a n and g p y q and p l e and h, n a p r i g e n u), with about a p e m e n t e m o m e w h a u and I and I in n about to about e at about z m o w n s and n p s t u n d u s y s w i; t and x and p and q, and I (y h a u n e e p e a c e b e n and I) at 200 d of ou r about in a m and n y t y; o t t a a n e in n with x and about - f and h and h e i s o m p a r a and r and u; h a s t s e pe with n and r a t o r n e s s and W o l e a n i and a n e a m o n and u; in about in to r o f th e a s y t o l u n e to o n c e in s and x = l a n g n a tsev in py to and n o r - s and m p r o m "B a r a b a n x n s n a l o h e c ", n o r t and p r and b r e t a t th F o r m at "H and with about a u t s t e c o l".

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This occurs

This occurs Children tend to give parents know when they are ready to receive the third solid food.

This occurs most often between the ages of 8 months to 1 year, but may be earlier.

Children who willingly eat two times a day solid food while still 4 times a day drink breast milk or soya blend, perhaps ready for the consumption of other types of solid food.

Foods that baby TAKE YOURSELF As soon as the list is expanding consumption of solid food, the child begins to approach dit food competently.

He curiously explores the food that he is given, often runs his fingers in the mouth or in a bowl if it allows his mother, in order to feel the grains, vegetables or fruits.

At the age of 6-7 months, most babies can already Py tatsya yourself have small pieces of food.

This may be a piece of potato, which they soak in the mouth with saliva, can smear on the face and hair.

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